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Putting up the maypole

"Hauruck" is the motto when the maypole is putting up in the town centers of Krün or Mittenwald on May 1st. The visitors vigorously cheer on the boys and men of the traditional costume or finger hooker club. Festively surrounded by music, they bring huge spruce trunks into the vertical centimeter by centimeter with combined muscle power - if everything goes according to plan, the tree will be there by 12 noon on the dot.

9th International Violin Making Competition

For the ninth time from 28.10. until 13.11.2022 the international violin making competition will take place in Mittenwald. The works of international master violin makers are evaluated by a specialist jury and the winners are chosen.

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24h Trohpy

From 14 - 16 October 2022 it's that time again and the legendary long-term hiking experience 24h-Trophy will take place again in the Alpenwelt Karwendel. This time the Kurpark Puit in Mittenwald is the starting point. The route is designed to enable you to hike through the numerous cultural and scenic highlights of the regions in 24 or 12 hours on panoramic paths.

Friends of long-term hiking can get to know and love the special features in and around the Alpenwelt Karwendel on an all-round organized 12h or 24h panoramic hike. The tours run past striking cultural and natural highlights and are lined with various refreshment and rest stations. More information about the tours will follow shortly.
12h Alpenwelt Karwendel
24h Alpenwelt Karwendel

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